Why do you package your toilet paper the way you do?

We have to wrap our rolls in something to keep them moisture-free and hygienic. We looked at different options when we started out, but settled on individual paper wrappers for a couple of reasons. 

They work better as an online product and are more visually appealing and shareable. We know this because our customers are constantly sharing snaps of their deliveries on social media, and gifting rolls to friends. This is really important because the more people share what we're doing, the more we can grow and the more toilet-building and sanitation projects we can fund! (plus, it's cheaper than paid advertising)

From an environmental perspective, if wrapping in paper the most you can wrap together is 6 rolls. This might seem more sustainable, but you actually need a much thicker paper to do this. The net paper used (by weight) to wrap a 6 pack in heavy duty paper vs. six individual rolls in the thin tissue paper we use is effectively the same, so there isn't a good environmental case for paper 6 packs over our single roll. The only other option would have been to wrap all 48 rolls in a big outer plastic wrap, which we chose to steer clear of.

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