What parts of your product / packaging can I recycle?

We love recycling!

What to recycle:

Toilet paper & paper towels:

  • Paper wrappers
  • Cardboard core


  • Cardboard box

Plastic strapping:

We try to avoid using plastic wherever we can. When shipping multiple boxes however, we may need to use a strong plastic to strap them together. We do this because if we post each box separately, we'd have to charge shipping for each item. There's also a chance that multiple boxes going to the same address could become separated, meaning the driver has to make two deliveries to the same address. From an emissions perspective, this needs to be avoided wherever possible.

We're not aware of more environmentally friendly strapping options that can be used on a commercial scale, but we're always looking for better solutions and technologies.

All delivery boxes can be recycled.

If you’re a crafty one, you may have some other ideas.

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