What sanitation projects do you fund? What kind of toilets are built?

Our donations help fund a range of high impact sanitation, hygiene and water projects depending on local conditions, so it does vary a little bit from project to project.

For example, one of our major partners is WaterAid Australia - they do great work across the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea. WaterAid’s projects usually take a 'complete sanitation solution' approach, which involves not only helping to build the physical infrastructure of the toilet itself, but also providing potable drinking water for the village/community through bore or rainwater systems. They also educate members of the local community about the benefits of clean water and sanitation to ensure that the solution is being properly utilised, and its benefits are understood. You can read more about the sanitation projects delivered on WaterAid Australia's website here.

More recently, we've also started working with Sanergy, who build and franchise toilets in the slums of Nairobi, and then collect and convert the waste into agricultural products for Kenya's farmers. Pretty amazing stuff!

Check out our latest Impact Report for more info.

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